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My name is Juliana and I am the Brazilian artisan behind all of Ancestral Cerâmica's creations.

Touching the earth, being more aware of its cycles and appreciating the transformation it is capable of, these are some of the gifts that ceramics give me every day.

The inspiration for my work comes from everyday life.

I make pottery while thinking of people, of dates! This is why I chose the art of the table. It gives me pleasure to think that the pieces that I create will be part of the daily life of those who choose them, that they will be present on a beautiful welcoming table, full of stories.

Each part is shaped manually and in small series. Each is unique and perfect in its imperfections.  

My career in ceramics began in Brazil, at the Mosca Cerâmica workshop, with Paula Mosca. In Europe, I followed my training at the Atelier de Arts Céramiques in Tours, France, with Céline Turpin and her team of ceramists.

Today my workshop is located in Luxembourg City.


Contact and orders

To place orders or visit the workshop, contact me:

T +352 691 388 668

face and insta @ancestralceramica

Luxembourg City

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